As an HR consultancy, we are dedicated to our core subjects since our foundation: HR Digitization, Business Transformation and HR Strategy Consulting. Why? Because we recognize that an efficient workforce makes difference for every company in every phase. Where did we learn that? We have our origins in the field of corporate finance / M&A consulting and in the foundation of various successful startups in the digital world. In the projects, it was always the employees who made the decisive difference in success. In this respect, it was obvious for us to make a product out of our two experiences. At CLEVIS, we combine entrepreneurial HR consulting with the subjects of HR digitization and ensure an efficient workforce. What makes us special? We think of HR and HR processes like entrepreneurs. Our approaches consistently follow an entrepreneurial objective.

Put the right people in the right place, making sure that they know what to do and why it makes sense to do it. Ensure that the necessary know-how is available.
In other words, our approach to HR consulting is designed to ensure ideal recruiting, to develop real leadership as the basis of performance management and to guarantee future-proof learning.
We can definitely state that CLEVIS was not founded simply by following ready-made guidelines, but rather paved its own way.
But why are we telling you this?

1. Because we have learned again and again from our own experience how challenging developments and transformations are.

2. And because it shows what makes us special. Even in an environment that has changed significantly over time, we never lost sight of our values and stayed on course.

PARTNERSHIP AND RESPECTWe rely on real partnerships based on shared enthusiasm for subjects and ideas with our customers and our partners.
COMMITMENT TO SUCCESSWe never give up, neither in projects for our customers, nor in difficult market situations. You can rely on us even in rough climates.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYWe live this internally and externally. We care about ourselves and our team. You will also feel the cohesion that we cultivate. We are equally interested in our customers. For us, every collaboration is more than just handling a project.
POWERFUL AND PROFESSIONALWe have high standards for ourselves and want to perform every project really well. We have always received top marks from our customers over the years and we are incredibly proud of that.
INNOVATION AND GROWTHQuestioning the current topics and rethinking them, our slogan states: “Delivering Next Generation HR Today”. For us, innovation is never just an end in itself, but must promote and secure the growth of our customers.

CLEVIS GmbH founded in 2010.