Together we will make your HR even more successful. We offer you outstanding expertise when it comes to rethinking, realigning, digitizing and positioning HR. Taking your HR to the next level together is what really drives us.


What We are Proud of:
Already reached over  1200 projects and therefore, over 6 million
employees in 80 countries.


Together towards the goal

We are your partnership HR consultancy for all questions regarding HR digitization, business transformation and HR strategy.
We are just as at home in international corporations as in family-run medium-sized companies..
Our concepts not only work in selected focus industries, but are consistently based on your business model and its specific challenges for HR.
Together with you, we design an entrepreneurial vision for your future HR portfolio and define realistic steps and milestones along the way.
We are particularly proud of being perceived by our customers not only as competent in what we do, but also as a real Partner on the common path to future-oriented HR.


People make successful companies. We know what it takes to call up the performance of employees and offer promising approaches for the business context.

Digital meets Transformation

We know the HR software market better than anyone else, the strengths and weaknesses of HR software providers and their integration potential in a digital HR architecture. We make you capable of making decisions.
Our transformation concepts are business-centric and pick up employees, teams and managers from where they are – without pseudo-innovative technical blabla and obsession with methods. We translate transformation concepts into what they are good for

We are your HR consultants for exactly the challenges you are facing right now. Whether for an initial sparring, a workshop to classify the strategic options, the implementation of projects or the selection of the HR Softwareas a partner we support you where you need us!