We Make your HR Department Fit for the Digital Age

Digitization and automation not only change the tasks of an HR department, but also their role in the company. In the meantime, the digital transformation of human resources management has become an important success factor for employers. Accordingly, HR departments are faced with major challenges.

We support companies in the digitization of their HR department and work with you to develop a suitable strategy for digital change according to your needs. Our HR experts derive solutions directly from your business challenges and translate them into digital and transformative HR structures and processes. The focus is always on people.

Let’s tackle the massive change in the world of work in the areas of HR digitization, HR transformation and HR strategy consulting together in a pragmatic way. We would be happy to support you in the following key areas of action:

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Your added value

COMPREHENSIVE KNOW-HOWWith us you have the experts for HR digitization at your side. We have many years of experience from more than 700 HR digitization projects.
FLEXIBLE COLLABORATIONYou can involve us flexibly – depending on the areas in which you need support.
CUSTOMIZED CONCEPTSWe develop digital HR concepts and strategies that are optimally tailored to your company.

1. HR DIGITALIZATION – Invest in Tailor-Made Digital Solutions

The digitization of human resources management is no longer a question of “if”. Rather, companies must ask themselves what they want to digitize and, above all, how they want to implement it. Finding the right HR digitization strategy is anything but trivial. Various digitization strategies should therefore be well thought out and selected and introduced as part of an overall concept. You should keep the following basic questions in mind:

  1. Which HR processes can be simplified and accelerated by digital technologies? Where can human resource management processes be automated, thereby saving valuable time and resources?
  2. Which processes can be optimized using digital HR solutions? How can, for example, information technology help find the best talent?
  3. What new opportunities does the digitization of human resources management open up? Where do you gain new insights, for example, about the special knowledge of employees? Where can you break new ground by using digital technologies, for example, in further education?

Our HR consultants support you in making the best possible use of the advantages and opportunities of HR digitization. We advise you on the selection of digital HR systems and on the implementation of digital processes in your HR department. Here are our services in the field of HR digitization:

  • Software Selection: When selecting the right HR software, there are a few things to consider. We know the HR software providers and their portfolio and can select a solution that suits you and your HR department. We make sure that the software can be smoothly integrated into your HR IT landscape. You remain manufacturer-independent at all times.
  • Project Management: Various departments have to be involved in HR digitization. Whether IT, data protection or HR: each area has its specific knowledge, but also its own interests. Our HR consultants have sufficient experience and the necessary instinct to mediate between the different perspectives of all those involved and to dispel possible concerns and fears.
  • Implementation: Every HR software has certain characteristics. We ensure that the specifications of your HR software solution meet all your requirements and take care of the corresponding implementation. Whether agile, semi-agile or more classic – we ensure that the software fully reflects your goals.
  • Change Management and Introduction of the Software: User acceptance is the key to the successful use of HR software. To ensure this, we develop pragmatic concepts for change management and software implementation. We directly involve employees who will be working with the software in the future. This is how we build the bridge between change management, introduction of the software and training.
  • Operation of the HR Software: HR software should be operated as trouble-free as possible and in compliance with data protection. We create the necessary operating concept for you and support you in the initial phase.
  • Data Protection Advice: The HR department deals with a lot of sensitive data. Therefore, data protection plays a central role here. Our consultants not only have extensive expertise in HR digitization, transformation and HR strategy, but are also certified data protection officers. In this way, we combine the requirements of human resources management with those of data protection.
  • HR-Analytics: Companies collect data about their employees on a daily basis. With the help of the analysis tool, this data can be actively collected and evaluated. We support you in selecting the right HR-related data that will help you to improve your decision-making processes. Starting with setting goals through to implementation, we accompany you in the use of HR analytics.

Nevertheless, HR digitization is much more than just the use of information and communication technology in the HR department and the transfer of analogue structures and processes to digital ones. Digitization also has an impact on the way we work together, as well as on the understanding of roles and leadership behavior. In the age of digitization, HR departments have to reinvent themselves.



2. Holistic Transformation Concepts: Living Change and Transformation

Digital change is fundamentally changing markets and the labor world. It is all the more important that companies keep up with these changes. The motives can be very different. Would you like to use the latest technologies in your company, be able to react quickly to changing customer requirements or save costs? Do you suddenly find yourself facing strong competition, want agile organizational structures or need a change in your corporate culture?

As an HR and organizational consultancy, we support you in the transformation of your company and your HR department. We follow a systematic approach to dealing with change and are specialists in holistic transformation concepts. For us, transforming successfully in the long term means including all aspects of the change process. This includes the mindset, identity and competencies of the company, as well as processes, methods and technologies. The focus is always on people since they are the decisive success factor for the digital transformation of your company. Change can only succeed if managers and employees accept the changes.

With us, you have a partner at your side who will provide you with comprehensive advice and support during the transformation process in the company and in the HR department. Maintaining and expanding your competitiveness is always the focus of our interest. At the same time we value:

  • A proven process design: We work with a tried and tested process design and thus ensure a high quality standard
  • A high level of user acceptance: Since we always focus on people, the HR solution implemented with our support is accepted and applied by users.
  • Integrated processes: We rely on integrated processes that enable you to use your digital HR software solution smoothly.

What We are Proud of:
Already reached over  1200 projects and therefore, over 6 million
employees in 80 countries.


As part of a strategic reorientation, digital technologies not only lead to new services and business models, but also enable a fundamental redesign of structures, processes and behavioral patterns in companies. Companies should therefore take this opportunity in the course of digital change and test their organization and way of joint work. Because if you want to be well positioned for the future, you have to be able to react quickly and agilely to the market today.
We are your partner for real business transformation. Together with you, we classify where and at which level you should or want to rethink cultural changes, management methods, innovation concepts and leadership ideas.

Above all, we ask ourselves: What really helps you to be able to master your entrepreneurial challenges in the future? And how can we lead the transformation process to success?

HR Software Comparison

We will find the right HR software for you!

In welchen Bereichen soll die Software eingesetzt werden?

Wie viele Mitarbeiter hat Ihr Unternehmen?

Nutzen Sie aktuell bereits eine HR Software?
Wenn Ja: Welche Software haben Sie im Einsatz?

Was ist Ihnen bei der neuen Software besonders wichtig?

In reality, transformation projects fail again and again due to their complexity, unclear expectations and a lack of user acceptance.

Our Approach

  1. Analyze the Situation and Define Goalsn
    Where do you stand as a company? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your challenges? How is your market positioned? Where do you see your future markets? Are there sustainable products, services and resources for new target markets? Is your organization competitive and in line with the strategic direction? What is the corporate culture like? What strategic goals do you have? Where do you want to go? Short term and long term?
  2. Develop a Transformation concept: Methods, Processes, Tools
    With what kind of messages and means do we achieve the change? How do you and your employees have to work together to break down functional silos? Which processes can you organize differently in order to be faster and closer to the customer? Which coordination and release loops are really needed? Are there any attitudes that you need to change, in terms of hierarchies and political games? How do you (re)activate pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit? Which digital tools help to map and control processes and enable transparency?
  3. Establish the Change
    How can you successfully introduce an employee culture with high commitment and the ability to react quickly? Which digital technologies will be gradually introduced when and how? Do the measures contribute to the new goals of the digital transformation and are they accepted by the users?

Our Offer

This is how we support you in the digital transformation of your company:

  • Ambidextric Organizational Models:When companies are equally geared towards the requirements of the operational business and the requirements for the development of innovation, one speaks of ambidexterity. The advantage is that you are efficient and flexible at the same time. We support you in the introduction of ambidextrous organizational models. With us you can bridge the gap between stability and renewal.
  • Collaboration in agilen Teams: How do agile teams organize themselves? Which roles and which attitude does it require? How can you create transparency and enable good communication? We help your teams to develop an agile mindset and to find the right processes and tools.
  • Change Management– Changing the Corporate Culture: kultur: If employees feel comfortable at their workplace, this also has a positive effect on the company’s success. Many companies have recognized it and would like to further develop their corporate culture. We support you in reviewing and adapting your culture of leadership, implementation, communication and meetings. Clear corporate values, flat hierarchies, a culture of appreciation and trust, but also a sense of community and space for flexibility and creativity play an important role.




Digitization, demographic development, changing values and questions of multigenerational management are forcing HR professionals to rethink their HR organization, to review strategic HR processes and services and to reposition themselves. Human resources management plays a central role in the digital transformation in the company. The aim is to create the optimal framework conditions for change:

  • Digital Workplace
    Employees expect a workplace that provides them with integrated digital applications and self-service tools. The programs should be as quick and intuitive as possible, facilitate collaboration and ensure greater efficiency and transparency.
  • Digital Learning
    Digitization is also changing learning. Continuing education nowadays always includes digital forms of learning. Lifelong learning and further development are a key success factor for the digital world. A modern HR ensures that this task is integrated, tracked, evaluated and optimized in the career and work process.
  • Digital Professionals
    If you want to attract the best talent, you have to invest in digital recruiting. Employees with digital skills are indispensable for a company today. At the same time, however, they also want a suitable working environment with exciting tasks.

We would be happy to help you rethink and reposition your HR organization.

Our approach

For your successful HR transformation, we focus on the following three core elements of HR work:

  1. Define HR Strategy
    Which business model(s) does your company apply? What criteria for success characterize your team – skills, competencies, mindset, structural structure? Which external influencing factors have to be taken into account?
  2. Derive HR Portfolio and Processes
    With which services, and standards can Human Resources Management ideally support the business model? What are the game-changing influencers and what is “nice to have”? Where is there potential for innovation and a need to rethink existing HR processes? What topics are on the agenda? Which processes support the change? How do you measure success?
  3. Manage HR Organization
    How do you set up a stable and innovative HR organization? Which positions and roles do you need and what is their self-image? How do HR professionals work together in your company? Which methods and technologies do they support?

Our Offer for your HR Transformation

Would you like to set up your HR department for the future and initiate digital change? This is our range of services for the transformation of human resources management:

  • Recruiting: It is a challenge and an important success factor for companies to fill the right position with the right person at the right time. We support you in optimizing your talent strategies through digital technologies. Recruiting software has become indispensable for controlling the entire application process for most companies. Chatbot-powered applicant screening, multimedia training, and mobile self-service options are just some of the ways you can improve talent attraction and retention.
  • Performance Management: Companies have long been using various methods to control the performance of their employees and use them optimally to achieve corporate goals. Agile management systems, a change in values in incentive systems, working in decentralized teams mean that performance management needs new and flexible approaches. We help you to establish leadership behavior and management systems that lead to more commitment and performance in a digital working world.
  • Competency Management:The aim of competency management is to use the existing skills and abilities of your employees effectively. Digitization and the shortage of skilled workers are decisively changing our working world and our labor market. New job descriptions are emerging, other qualifications are in demand. What skills will your company need in the future? We advise you on which digital technologies can help you to manage the existing skills and abilities and to position yourself correctly with regard to the skills you will need in the future.
  • Knowledge Management: The digital world is changing learning. In many companies, training and further education is increasingly virtually implemented. Whether it’s mandatory coaching, teaching classical methodological knowledge, applied or leadership training or job-specific knowledge, we offer you personal training and development concepts that take into account digital opportunities and company learning culture in equal measure.
  • Talent Management: The radical shift in values that Gen Z and Millennials are pouring into the workforce is forcing employers to position themselves. Where do you find the young talents and how do you attract the future talents? How do you successfully lead and engage Gen Z in your organization? We have been conducting studies with Future Talents for over 10 years. We know this target group like no other and will help you to match your job offer with the ideas of Gen Z.

3. HR Strategy Consulting: Consulting at Eye Level

Many companies lack the right HR strategy. Not only does their competitiveness suffer as a result, but they also lose their employees to the competition. Would you like to set up your HR organization for the future? We support you with our strategic know-how in the development of a practical and solution-oriented concept for your HR organization. What contribution can the human resources department make to ensure that your company achieves its goals? Together we analyze your situation as an employer. This includes not only internal factors such as corporate culture or employee retention programs, but also external factors such as demographic trends or the job market. We develop possible courses of action and plan their implementation. The last step is to check the success.

The central steps of the HR strategy:

  • Define goal
  • Analyze current status
  • Develop options for action
  • Plan implementation
  • Review HR strategy

Together with you, we develop a tailor-made HR strategy that pays off for your business model.

  • HR Portfolio Design: What services should human resources management provide? To what extent does the HR organization contribute to the company’s success? Are the HR measures still sufficiently effective and responsive?
  • HR Operating Model: Do the organizational structures of the HR department work and are the internal processes still efficient enough? Have role models become obsolete and do they need to be designed differently?
  • HR Benchmarking: How well do your HR products, services and processes really perform? What methods and practices lead to excellence? Does your HR organization stand up to the competition? The view from the outside helps to question and to stimulate improvements. We make sure to use benchmarks sensibly – appropriate to your business model, and thus gain valuable insights into your company.

Our HR experts are your contacts when it comes to HR consulting. CLEVIS Consult advises international corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We would be happy to come to you on site. But there is also the possibility of holding workshops at our Munich location.