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The tasks and role of HR are changing drastically. The digital change in the company requires new, lively approaches to the management of employees. It is important to ensure constant reskilling and upskilling through new learning approaches. New employees with new skills are in demand, which are even more difficult to recruit in a changing labor market. It is also important to integrate teams quickly and establish new forms of (digital) collaboration. The needs of employees have changed – the work and life balance, productive work and the need for more autonomy are just a few of the numerous factors. Ideas in the context of New Work become an operational reality. Modern HR work has to keep an eye on and integrate different generations. And last but not least, it is important not only to check your own service portfolio for these technical changes, but also to digitize it in a high-performance IT landscape and to establish a high-performance HR organizational model accordingly.
If HR sees these challenges as an opportunity, there has probably never been a greater opportunity for HR to help shape the company’s development as a whole from “the driver’s seat”. It is precisely with this mindset that we advise you! We help you to find, define and establish your new role. Together we can develop a target image that fits your company, the business model and the future, specific challenges it faces. We combine in-depth know-how of transformative aspects with unique expertise in the field of HR digitization.

HR Strategy Consulting

HR Strategy Consulting

We have been focusing exclusively on HR consulting for 10 years and have developed customers of all sizes and industries in over 700 projects. We do not only bring the combination of key know-how in the field of HR digitization and HR transformation, but above all we recognize your business model! With this entrepreneurial focus in our projects, we place an entrepreneurial HR at the center of our approach. Our goal is to make you as HR effective and successful by providing HR managers and employees with the success tools. Our credo is “appreciation through value creation” and we bring this to life by focusing on the perspectives of your customers, management, executives and employees and deriving our idea of an HR strategy from them.

Our services in HR strategy consulting

A powerful, qualified workforce is not a product of chance, but the result of the right HR portfolio design - suitable for the business model. Whether the core building block of your business success is the innovative power of the workforce or a highly standardized service excellence, we ensure that all processes follow the right design and strengthen exactly these core skills.
A suitable HR operating model is the basis for a high-performing workforce. What matters is the right mix of high performance for transactional issues and high quality for strategic issues. This is the only way to see the HR function as a key player in corporate management and development. We take care of this mix for you.
Keep an eye on your own position in the market with HR benchmarking. Not only internal key figures should be used to optimize processes in HR. External data from modern tools can also be helpful in strengthening your position amongst the competitors.

HR Strategy Consulting

CLEVIS as a Partner in your HR Strategy

We help you where you are, regardless of whether it is about end-to-end strategy development, sparring at management level or benchmarking. We help you to rethink your own role and develop the way into it. We are like an HR consulting “multi-tool”. No matter where the focus of your challenge lies, we adapt to it and accompany you step by step into a successful HR future in leading the corporate development.

What We are Proud of:
Already reached over  1200 projects and therefore, over 6 million
employees in 80 countries.



Frequently Asked Questions

Effective HR strategies support the business in achieving overall corporate goals. It is important to derive along the (future) business purpose which workforce is required for it in terms of employee organization, skills and abilities. An HR strategy therefore answers the questions of which idea should be used to guide employees, how successful recruiting can be, and how HR should support the workforce and the business so that employees can focus on their actual job. These questions are then translated into a strategic HR service portfolio. In addition to creating the HR service portfolio, it should also be clarified, as part of the HR strategy definition, which operating model will be used to provide it. Another core component of an HR strategy is the clarification of the question of which part and which tools can be used to provide or support the services digitally.

HR strategies can rarely be developed from scratch. This is due to the professional history but also that of one’s own role, which was previously assumed by HR in the company. In addition to the development of a future HR service portfolio that is tailored to the business model, it is therefore important to carefully think through the steps towards the future model, precisely considering this history.

The role and importance of HR has changed massively in recent years, that’s why HR strategy projects have become essential. Today more than ever, business models are dependent on driving innovations in the market via a powerful workforce. This ensures the company’s positioning in the competition. In addition to administrative tasks in the context of remuneration and time management, HR therefore faces the challenge of establishing new management models, developing a new idea in the context of learning and ensuring through efficient recruiting that there is still access to suitable candidates. As the owner of an efficient HR, there is an opportunity to establish its role as a strategic partner.

HR Strategy Consulting