HR Digitization – Efficiency in Focus, and Innovation Impact as the Goal

HR digitization offers two major potentials. In addition to increasing the efficiency of the administrative parts of HR work, there is untapped potential in achieving new innovation impacts. These result from access to previously difficult-to-reach application candidates via referral tools, intelligent support in the context of HR service delivery, new potential in the digital learning environment, etc.This balancing act in terms of content often makes questions of HR digitization complex. Which HR core topics are mapped and at what extent by individual providers? Which providers can be really combined and integrated in a meaningful way? What does the combination of several providers mean for the user experience? What license and operating costs should be expected? Which modules should be introduced and in which order? How long does the introduction of HR software take? We have the right answers for you to all these and many more questions. Contact us.

HR Digitization

HR IT Architecture – Suite vs. Best of Breed

We are experts in the HR software market for over 10 years and have digitized the HR of customers of all sizes and industries in more than 1000 projects. There is hardly an HR software provider whose modules we do not know and whose strengths and weaknesses we do not keep in mind. Regardless of whether an individual HR process or the entire HR portfolio is digitized, we know which HR digitization strategies are suitable. We know the providers of HR suite solutions as well as the specialists for a best-of-breed approach. We also know the history of providers, we have experience with their strategic development potential and their innovative strength. This know-how, which is unique in the DACH region, makes us your partner of choice.

We know the HR IT market and the background of the individual providers. On this basis, we can design your individual selection process effectively and efficiently. Our approach is as lean as possible in order to save your resources and reach your goal quickly. We always consider all questions of your HR and IT overall strategy and architecture end to end.
We know the common software providers, their features, their limits, but also possible workarounds from a large number of projects. As an experienced translator of your technical requirements and goals, we offer you optimal added value in order to configure your software appropriately right from the start and to avoid expensive change requests.
We offer not simply project management tools, but we know the special aspects of the digitization of HR processes and have expertise and experience in all of them. Based on our rich experience, also in the international environment, we plan and manage your project proactively and thus prevent possible pitfalls in advance.
Successful digitization depends on whether it is accepted by the user. We have over a-10-year experience in international software implementation and associated change management. Thanks to our approach, the possibilities available to your company are fully exploited.
Digitization provides data, which in the end must also be used to make processes more efficient and make faster, better decisions. We support you in defining the appropriate KPIs, in connecting the source systems and in processing, interpreting and preparing the data.
We also convert your project into internationally viable service structures. In doing so, we ensure that your operating model meets the requirements of data protection, user satisfaction and up-to-date releases in an audit-proof manner. You can be sure of our support: We accompany you in every step, from the concept to the development of the service structures.
It is well known how important it is to properly manage data protection requirements. We have certified data protection officers and are therefore able to competently accompany your project in all phases. Of course, we are also at your side apart from projects with all questions relating to data protection and auditing.

HR Digitization

CLEVIS as your HR Digitization Partner

We help you where you need us. Regardless of whether it is about fundamental strategic perspectives, the specific HR software selection, the implementation or the communicative introduction, we are experienced in all steps. We bring with us a broad know-how of framework aspects and support with data protection concepts, works council negotiations and much more.

Together we will not only find the right tools for digitizing your HR, but also help you to bring them into the company with care and innovation potential.



HR Software Comparison

We will find the right HR software for you!

In welchen Bereichen soll die Software eingesetzt werden?

Wie viele Mitarbeiter hat Ihr Unternehmen?

Nutzen Sie aktuell bereits eine HR Software?
Wenn Ja: Welche Software haben Sie im Einsatz?

Was ist Ihnen bei der neuen Software besonders wichtig?

Frequently Asked Questions

HR digitization is the digital mapping of HR processes. In the past, the focus of HR digitization was primarily on large-volume, transactional processes. These include, for example, payroll accounting, the processing of secondary economic processes and the digitization of applicant management. With the increasing importance of topics related to leadership and performance management, as well as the changing demands on company training towards employees’ independent, self-directed learning, these processes are also moving into the focus of digitization. Personnel administration topics in the sense of an HR service delivery understanding also become essential in HR digitization as a result of an increased awareness of the importance of a positive employee experience as a whole.

HR digitization includes the following services:

  • Software Selection
  • Project Management
  • Implementation
  • Roll out and Change Management
  • Operations
  • Privacy Advice
  • Analytics

CLEVIS as your HR digitization partner will help you where you need us. Whether it’s about the basic strategic perspectives, the concrete HR software selection, the implementation or the communicative introduction, we have experience in all steps. We bring with us a broad know-how of framework aspects and support with data protection concepts, works council negotiations and much more.

We have over a-10-years’ experience in HR software selection, implementation and operation. We combine expertise from over 700 projects in which we have reconciled the HR specialist view with the HR IT perspective. As a result, we as CLEVIS have extensive knowledge in the selection of HR software:

  • We know the market and the background of the individual providers
  • We can streamline and speed up the selection process by providing proven tools
  • We know the needs of your stakeholders
  • We can anticipate long-term trends and needs
  • We can assess the maturity level of your organization

The right HR-IT selection involves several steps:

  1. Discussion of the project goals and basic requirements in the Scoping-Workshop
  2. Creation of an Initial Catalog of requirements and a shortlist of suitable providers
  3. Coordination of Demos to gain transparency about vendor strengths and weaknesses
  4. Coordination of Deep-Dive-Vendor-Workshops with detailed use cases
  5. Assistance in purchase negotiations

The HR digitization project service includes workshops to develop your needs in HR digitization. The following project services are provided within the workshops:

  • Development of a requirements document
  • Provider pre-selection
  • Coordination and moderation of provider demos
  • Evaluation of provider service catalogues
  • Coordination and implementation of deep dive workshops
  • Description of use cases

HR Digitization