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With the Talent Management solution from Haufe, you focus yourself and your organization on what is really important. You facilitate and focus the collaboration of HR, managers and employees.

The Haufe Talent Software supports companies in digitizing their talent management processes. When designing the processes, the focus is always on the needs of the talent (depending on the situation, this can be an applicant or an employee), always with the goal of enabling the talent in the best possible way. The software support starts with building and maintaining relationships with suitable talents before recruiting. Optimal applicant management processes, followed by onboarding integrated into the solution, covering the topics of personnel development, employee appraisals, target agreements, learning management, compensation and succession planning, the solution supports companies with approximately 500 employees or more along the entire employee lifecycle holistically with one software.



Haufe has been a strong partner for the HR target group since 1951. In addition to its comprehensive content offering, Haufe supports HR departments in optimally designing their processes. The web-based talent management portfolio is one of the market leaders in the European market today with its product offering Haufe Talent. One advantage: the product portfolio is supplemented by offerings from the Haufe Group so that the target group can be offered software, content, and training offerings along the entire employee lifecycle.



Talent Relationship Management

The desired talents are not always actively looking for jobs. Haufe Talent Relationship Management supports personnel recruitment beyond traditional recruiting. In addition to regular applicants, passive talents, who are often difficult to win with conventional measures, can be developed into applicants via a personal Talent Journey. The Haufe Talent Relationship Management software supports this journey technologically and enables the simple creation of talent pools (with automatic pool assignment) as well as target group-specific communication.

Applicant Management

Haufe Applicant Management supports all processes related to applicant management. I.e. all processes from the job application, to the advertisement, to the creation and signing of the contract are supported by the module. Interfaces to job portals, Google for Jobs compliant job postings and integrations for facilitated active sourcing are just some of the highlight functionalities in addition to many automated workflows.


Around 30% of all companies receive notices before the first day of work. This means high costs and a lot of effort for the HR department. The Haufe onboarding solution enables HR departments and specialist departments to be in close contact with their new employees as soon as the contract is signed and to familiarize them individually and successively. The solution can be used web-based or as an app. The onboardee’s progress in the onboarding process is visible at a glance and relevant tasks, events or articles can be easily shared with the onboardee. At the same time, tasks that arise can be delegated to colleagues, specialist departments or managers and tracked.

Employee appraisals/target setting

With the help of the Haufe software, you can conduct constructive employee appraisals at any time, even spontaneously – the company itself decides when and how often an appraisal should take place. The software supports 360° feedback. In addition to feedback from internal colleagues, feedback can also be obtained from external feedback providers. The discussions and agreements can be documented transparently, so that managers and employees have full access to them at all times. Goals can also be recorded transparently and the achievement of goals can be determined.

Personnel development

Our personnel development software helps companies to systematically identify the current need for development and training measures and to implement derived measures. With the personnel development module, employee competencies can be quickly recorded, edited and developed using competency models. If desired, employees can enter skills and experience independently, thus creating transparency. With the help of target profiles, development measures can also be derived and development needs identified.

Learning management

The learning management software supports those responsible for further training in the planning, announcement and implementation of further training events – from classroom seminars to learning on the job. Whether registering, informing participants or monitoring success: A practical course management system is available for handling, in which both internal and external course offerings can be conveniently integrated.


With the Compensation module, companies can process their salary rounds quickly, easily and transparently and ensure performance-based compensation. Managers and HR always have full budget control. Wage and bonus rounds can be easily controlled and recorded. If required, an intelligent compensation scheme, which e.g. automatically calculates the bonus, can be stored directly in the solution. With Haufe, companies have the option of continuing to use their preferred payroll system or existing system. In this way, they benefit from an end-to-end payroll process that is optimal for them.

Succession Planning

The Succession Planning module makes it easier for companies to identify the most important specialist and management positions. The software also helps them to make key positions and personnel risks (exit risks) transparent. At the same time, it is easy to create a succession and career plan for employees and thus clear prospects for career development. In the succession planning software, vacant positions are visible at a glance and potential successors are displayed directly. With just a few clicks, all potential employees, including the most important key figures, can be compared and contrasted directly.



Haufe supported the entire employee life cycle with its software. The individual modules all come from a single source. In addition to software implementation, holistic and sustainable project support is important to Haufe – if desired, Haufe also provides support here with innovative methods that also comprehensively pick up on the project from the organization and project colleagues.

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