CLEVIS Consult

CLEVIS Consult is a consultancy boutique that is specialized in services in Strategic Human Resources Management. The currently 30 consultants at the Munich location advise and support organizations in positioning and optimizing the function of the Human Resources Management from the concept’s inception to its operative implementation. Our approach relies on the individual support of single parties responsible to act successfully and beneficial for their development in the company.

CLEVIS Consult represents the most important keys to success for a future oriented Human Capital management:

  • Directed arrangements and successful recruiting of young professionals with the help of an attractive employer branding
  • Encouragement of talents in the enterprise through efficient, IT-supported HR-development
  • Structured company follow ups through professional succession management

CLEVIS Consult support their clients in a conceptional fashion, consultingly and through a holistic project management in reaching every set goal. The focus is always set on the necessity structure of the employee – the most important resource of every enterprise.

Our approach

In analysis, rating and implementation of measures and projects, CLEVIS Consult always places the employee in the center of attention as a valuable resource. CLEVIS thinks that a successful Human Capitcal Management (HCM) is transforming to the central advantage in competetion for enterprises. This implies that CLEVIS Consult views HCM as the central success factor of the presence.

CLEVIS has the goal to strengthen the competition adavantage of their clients with the help of their consulting projects.The aim in the projects is an increase of the attractiveness for “Right Potentials”, a concrete encouragement and development of talents in the enterprise, which results in a long term work relation between the enterprise and the talent and an enhancement of the operative efficiency in HCM processes.


Sven Hauch

is in charge of finance, controlling and the internal organization at CLEVIS GmbH.

Matthias Höfer

is in charge of the theme performance management at CLEVIS GmbH.

Holger Ringel

is in charge of internal themes at CLEVIS and the project management of key accounts.

Marco Janezic (advisor)

consults CLEVIS GmbH as an advisor the fields of finance, media, life-sciences and telecommunication.