CLEVIS Trainings

We offer targeted Inhouse-Trainings to extend and strengthen the competencies of your staff and High Potentials. Here we orientate ourselves towards the relevant target group, the business area and your specific organizational situation

Trainer in 1 Day!

From expert to trainer – in our TRAINER IN 1 DAY workshop we show you the way to prepare and implement internal trainings! During the workshop the participants will learn current concepts and methods to systematically preparing knowledge, presentation and didactic. In the framework of different exercises and various training scenarios the participants will be able to put the theory they learned into practice. The TRAINER IN 1 DAY workshop provides its participants with fundamental concepts and documents for a confident appearance as a trainer for colleagues – only in 1 day.

Scope of services

The TRAINER IN 1 DAY workshop is based on the Train-the-Trainer concept, which should enable the participants to develop and conduct trainings on their own. Within the single-day workshop the basics of systematic preparation of information, educational principles of knowledge transfer and presentation methods will be taught. The latest concepts in the in the area of training will be presented before practicing them in various exercises and workout templates. Therefore, companies can train their employees, who have high level expertise and experiences to become internal trainers. Because of those trainers, expertise will be available for other employees and thus the mutual technical understanding will increase as well. Furthermore, the individual and collective knowledge networking will gain strength and the collaboration will be optimized, which will lead to an increased organizational productivity.

Due to this CLEVIS Workshop your employees gain substantiated training competencies in the most important methods and can therefore cause efficiency-enhancing effects as multipliers of knowledge.

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Implementation of Knowledge Management methods

This innovative concept supports you in the selection and implementation of different methods of Knowledge Management for a need-oriented and efficient Knowledge Management.

Scope of services

Knowledge Management can be performed by various methods and concepts. However, effective deployment can only be guaranteed by a combination of methods addressing the organizational requirements. Working practices, employee structure, organizational culture and application fields in the daily work must be taken into consideration to select an effective style of Knowledge Management. To measure the benefit of Knowledge Management, which is essential for successful Knowledge Management, clear targets have to be developed, responsibilities have to be allocated and key indicators have to be identified.

CLEVIS can support you by choosing the method and proper implementation, hence knowledge management can be lived on a long-term basis and independently, is able to be measured and the full benefits can be gained.