Data security

Especially in the area of employees data security is very important. CLEVIS Consult knows the requirements and data security laws and supports them in setting legal standards and norms. We will help you to recognize and successfully face challenges in introducing and applying privacy policies in your enterprise.


CLEVIS Consult bears great experience about data security in the field of talent management. We rely on “state of the art” IT-solutions, which have become essential in the workforce area.


We offer the following consulting and services in the field of data security:

Data security consulting and support service during projects

International data security

We offer safe solutions for the transmission of person related data abroad.

National data security

Our consultants will help you with handling person related data in your enterprise officially and securely. Also in an affiliated group.

Legal standards and norms

CLEVIS Consult will help you to transact with and follow standards, norms and laws in context with privacy policies in your company. In our function as a neutral arbitrator we also help solving conflicts with internal constitutions like the committee.

Services as an external data security agent

External data security agent

CLEVIS Consult assumes the function of a data service agent for your company according to §4f BDSG.

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Tests and audits

The adoption of individual test and consulting services: We arrange individual single or package services especially for your company. If wished for we will also check your contractors.

Finished solution concepts

We offer innovative solution concepts, like workshops, schoolings or software for your project concerning the theme data security.